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About Us

Fluid Precision Pty Ltd. is a specialist in fluid power and automation. We can assist with the maintenance, trouble-shooting, product selection, system design and process improvements of all your fluid control product needs.

Fluid Precision is a full systems integrator of fluid power and industrial automation products. As a full systems integrator, we are a global solutions provider with customers, vendors, and resources all round the world.

Our extensive vendor network accesses information resources and products to meet your specific requirements for quality products, expedient delivery, competitive prices and applications.


Fluid Precision can deliver a range of premium hydraulic equipment designed to meet the needs of the customer. We take pride in our reliability and quality of workmanship when completing any of our offered services. With our quality brands and years of industry experience we will strive to offer you affordable hydraulic solutions.
Meet the Team

Gavin Duffield
Founder, Director, Hydraulics Engineer
With over 30+ years of industry experience, he is our go-to hydraulics expert. Gavin is driven to grow the company by creating new innovative products while always keeping the customer in mind.

Phone: +614 58 678 910

Dave Pay
Hydraulics Engineer
Dave has been on both sides of the fence, having started his career as a hydraulic fitter. Now with over 30+ years of industry experience, he manages our projects. Ensuring systems delivered by Fluid Precision work just the way they should.

Phone: +614 37 678 910

Mick O’Brien
Hydraulics Sales
The office joker and all round nice guy. Been involved in various rolls and departments throughout this 40+ year tenure. Mick is well versed in working with customers, sales representatives, vendors and internally.

Phone: +614 73 678 910

Mat Gray & Kev Woodhead
Hydraulics Fitters
Our front line, doers and implementers. Mat and Kev are our experienced service technicians with years of hydraulics experience. They can help with your on-site troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Phone: +614 31 398 552 & +614 35 768 838

Mark Van der Togt
Mechanical Engineer, Software Engineer, Designer
With 8+ years of experience as manifold designer, he is our CAD expert. Mark is well versed in working with the customers to create the perfect product. Being a bit of a IT nerd, and with abit of guidance from IFM. Mark is also our IFM software intergrator.

Phone: +614 38 679 573

Kim Bailey

Phone: +61 731 803 318